Muzik Tree - Publisher of Reggae Books and a lot more!

In 1986 - Muzik Tree was set up it was to be reggae music's first book publishing house. The idea came from Tero Kaski in Finland. He said that "The major book publishers will never be interested in reggae music, the only way that the story of reggae music is to be told - is by people like us - reggae fans" Tero had already published 'Reggae Inna Dance Hall' in 1984 - which covered the emergence of Volcano Hi-Power owned by Henry'Junjo'Lawes. This highly acclaimed book is now available as 'Volcano Re-Visited'.  In 1987 the first book on Muzik Tree was published - 'More Axe'. 

This site will now contain all the info on all the books available from Muzik Tree. If you wish to buy them please go to and click on books.