Rhythm Wise

Rhythm Wise (1)

Published 1989

Ray Hurford

64 pages

Featuring write up's and info on 25 rhythms - including

A Fool, A Love I Can Feel, A Get A Lick, Boxing Around, Bum Ball, Cuss Cuss, Curleylocks, Drum Song, Declaration Of Rights, Drifter, Heptones Gonna Fight, Full Up, Heavenless, Hypocrites, I'm Just A Guy,

It's Raining, I Can't Hide, Jumping Master, Jah Shakey, Joe Frazier, Love Me Forever, Love Me Girl, Love Won't Come Easy, My Conversation, Mad Mad

Rhythm Wise 2 - By Jean Scrivener

Published 1990

Black Star

64 Pages

Featuring 25 Rhythms - College Rock, Darker Shade Of Black, Death In The Arena, Fattie Fattie, Get In The Groove, Hot Milk, The Lecture, Mean Girl, Never Let Go, One Step Beyond, Party Time, Peanut Vendor,

Pick Up The Pieces, Please Be True, Pressure And Slide, Pretty Looks Isn't All, Real Rock, Rock Fort Rock, Satta Massa Ganna, Shank I Sheck, Stalag 17, Swing Easy, Throw Me Corn, Tonight, Tribulation

Rhythm Wise 3 - By Jean Scrivener

Black Star

56 Pages

Featuring 25 Rhythms. African Beat, Ali Baba, Baby Why, Back Out With It, Ballistic Affair, Creation Rebel, Duppy Conqueror, 54-46, Freedom Blues, Heavy Rock, How Can I Leave You, I'm Still In Love With You,

Java, Keep O Moving, Love Is Not A Gamble, Mr Bassie, Queen Of The Minstrels, Rome, Secretly, Skylarking, Slaving, Soloman, Won't You Come Home, You Don't Care, You Don't Love Me/No No No.